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Patient Education Videos

ID Dental Patient Education

ID Dental - General Dentistry Videos

At ID Dental, it is important for us to communicate to you exactly what will happen during your visits. These movies cover everything from Crowns to Implants to Fillings.

By watching these movies in advance of your procedure, you will better understand exactly what is going to happen during your visit. This information will help you make more informed decisions about your dental health.

If you have any questions about these movies or procedures, then please do not hesitate to contact our office at (403) 263-3136.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Or please use our handy contact form!

Cosmetic Dentistry
Veneer Colour Correction Watch
Cracked Tooth Watch
Laser Whitening Watch
Close Space Watch
Home Whitening Watch

Cusp Fractures
3/4 Crown Watch
Crown Watch
Filling Watch
Crown Lengthening Watch
Root Canal - Direct Watch
Root Canal - Indirect Watch

Tooth Decay
Introduction Watch
Crown Watch
Extraction Watch
Filling Watch
Inlay Watch
Onlay Watch
Root Canal - Direct Post & Core Watch
Root Canal - Indirect Post & Core Watch
How Teeth Decay Watch

Multiple Missing Teeth
Introduction Watch
Bar Supported Denture Watch
Do Nothing Watch
Full Denture Watch
Implant Supported Denture Watch
Removable Partial Denture Watch

Single Missing Tooth
Introduction Watch
Bridge Watch
Cantilever Bridge Watch
Doing Nothing Watch
Implant / Cemented Crown Watch
Implant / Fixed Crown Watch
Maryland Bridge Watch

Periodontal Disease
About Periodontal Disease Watch
Gingival Grafting Watch
Scaling Watch

Brushing Watch
Flossing Watch
Sealants Watch
Regular Dental Visits Watch

Wisdom Teeth
Partially Erupted Watch
Horizontally Impacted Watch

ID Dental - Cosmetic Dentistry Videos

At ID Dental, we feel that dentistry is more than just "fixing" teeth. To us, it is about helping change a person's life and outlook!

In the movies below, you will learn what elements make a beautiful smile and how we can help you attain these goals. From our perspective, it is about working with you to achieve a much healthier, more confident, beautiful you! 

If you would like to learn how a visit to ID Dental can help you change your life, then please call us at (403) 263-3136 or use our handy appointment form to book your next visit.

ID Dental - Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry - Beautiful Smile ID Dental - Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry - Am I A Candidate? ID Dental - Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry - Youthful Smile
A Beautiful Smile Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For me? A More Beautiful, Youthful Smile!

Patient Experience Videos

ID Dental - Angela's Story ID Dental - Gil's Story ID Dental - Kim's Story ID Dental - John's Story ID Dental - Angela's Story
Kim's Story
Orthodontics, Implants and Lumineers

ID Dental - Orthodontic Dentistry Videos

Orthodontic Dentistry is not just about straightening teeth, but it can be vital to you and your family's long-term health. That is why at ID Dental, we feel it is important to provide you with the right information so you can determine whether orthodontic issues like crooked teeth, uneven bite, or jaw misalignment may be affecting your health for the worse. 

Although we are limited in the orthodontic services we provide, we work closely with several certified orthodontists in the area. As such, we can address minor issues, but are more than willing to refer you to a specialist for more involved treatment that is beyond the scope of our general practice.

If you would like to book an appointment, please feel free to call us at (403) 263-3136, or use our online appointment form.

Orthodontic Problems
Overview of Orthodontic Problems Watch
Ideal Alignment and Occlusion Watch
Overjet Watch
Anterior Crossbite Watch
Posterior Crossbite Watch
Open Bite Watch
Deep Bite Watch
Crowded Teeth Watch
Spaced Teeth Watch
Missing Teeth Watch
Crowded Teeth Watch
Crowded Eye Teeth Watch
Rotated Teeth Watch

How Teeth Move with Braces Watch
Braces to Align Teeth Watch
How Braces are Applied Watch
Getting to Know your Braces Watch
Elastics to Correct Bite Watch
Cleaning your Braces Watch
Clear Aligners Watch

How Teeth Move with Appliances Watch
Maintaining Space for Permanent Teeth Watch
Regaining Space for Permanent Teeth Watch
Correcting Habits Watch
Expanding the Upper Arch Watch
Widening the Upper Jaw Watch
Correcting Jaw Mal-Alignment Watch
Finishing Appliance Watch
Retention Watch
Cleaning your Appliances Watch